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Freelance Illustrator and Professional Nerd


It is my goal to fill my readers with the same child-like wonder that I experience when reading a good story

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  About Muse  

I was 12 years old when I walked into a Burger King. Back then, they had children's booklets, filled with activities based around the chosen theme for that month. In the booklet that I had picked up, was a comic puzzle. The page was presented with the panels in the wrong order and you had to figure out how it was read by numbering them one my one.

I, however, had a different solution.

I redrew the entire page in the correct order.

From that moment on I was fascinated with visual stories and how they worked. I graduated from Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School in New Haven, Connecticut and set my sights on college. I wanted to stay local so Paier College College of Art was the clear choice. During my time there I was given several opportunities. Not only did I get to work with Yale and downtown New Haven to create paper sculptures for store fronts, but I was also given a story boarding job by one of the faculty for a local commercial. Ever since I graduated I've been working on personal projects as well as comic collaborations with different authors.

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I offer any type of Illustration service. Whether it be books, product design, editorials, I can use my skill set to help you get what you need.

Comic Art and Development


My primary focus is on comic book art. Not only can I bring your story to life, but I can also design the entire to world to go with it. Character and environmental designs to fully colored pages. I got you covered!

Children's Books


I am currently working on a children's book of my own design and can offer my talent to make your own come to life!

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